Living My Dream Life

Vision workshop reviews

Think in a Different Way

Roxy really helped me think in a different way about what I can do to move forward into a new vision for my life going forward. 

- Jim N., Minneapolis, MN

Find a New Focus

Roxy's energy exudes from all of her pores and spills over into her words and actions. I found a new focus on what my future will look like and can see/feel a plan. 

- K.R., Minneapolis, MN

Take a Step Back

This was a really awesome workshop. It's good to be able to take a step back sometimes and reflect about what you want out of life and that is definitely something you will learn (at the workshop).

- Alex J., St. Paul, MN

Better Insight

Great Workshop. Enabled me to look forward to my retirement with much better insight. 

Nancy V., Minneapolis, MN 

Helped Me Reflect

The Vision Workshop was great! It helped me to really reflect and take the time to think about my goals and how to achieve them in a way that didn't seem daunting or overwhelming. 

Taylor Jordan, St. Paul, MN

Clear Steps

This was a very helpful and practical workshop and I left feeling like I had gained clear steps to make my dream come to life. 

- Karen I., Excelsior, MN 


Upcoming Events and Workshops 


The VISION BOARD Workshop!

9:00 am - Noon

Fueled Collective, N.E. Minneapolis, MN

Event Details


The VISION BOARD Workshop!

Get a JUMP on your 2020 Vision!

This is a workshop with all of the rich teachings of The Vision Workshop with the fun added bonus of creating your own persoal VISION BOARD!

During this dynamic  workshop Roxy will guide you through a powerful self discovery process to access your true life goals and dreams. She will show you the 3 most important keys for turning your dream into reality.  And you will leave feeling heard, energized, full of life, and with clear next steps to create your new reality holding a clear picture of your vision!

You will learn:

•  Two essential keys for tuning into your purpose.

•  Thinking-strategies that will guard you from fear, doubt and worry.

•  What wealthy people do that creates sustained success.

•  The number one factor that causes people to lose steam when going after a dream, and how to stay motivated and override it. 

And much more!

Investment: $45 (all fees included)

Beverages, snacks, and vision board supplies Included.

SPACE IS LIMITED - Send an email here to secure your spot. 

9:00 am - Noon

Fueled Collective, N.E. Minneapolis, MN